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Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights
Tweak: Uses latest version of Google PHP API now. Tweak: The system for creating reports and getting Google Analytics reports have changed. If youve hardcoded into Yoast functions previously not designed for frontend output this could cause problems. Well introduce an API intended for this type of use after we update to use the v4 reporting API. Fixed: Fixed an issue with HostEurope and other hosts modifying the default PHP arg seperator. Fixed: Prevents an issue where users with a plugin like Airplane Mode active will get a better error message than code invalid on the GA token auth screen and also fixes how that detection is done in other parts of the plugin. Removed: unused track_full_url setting. 5.5.3, October 3rd, 2016. New: Announces MI 6.0 beta. Fixed: Compatibility with PHP compatibility scanners bug. 5.5.2, July 7, 2016. Tweak: Updates license manager to have more reliable update information including better compatibility with Yoast SEO products.
How to Install Google Analytics in WordPress for Beginners.
I lost my website like 2 years ago and i cant remember how to get the google analytics plugin which previously was maintained by Yoast, now that i read this, i know it now goes with the name monsterinsight. Keep it up!
A new home for our Google Analytics plugins Yoast.
Dave Barr 2 years ago. Just updated to Google Analytics by MonsterInsights and was happy to see that the AMP section in Yoast SEO plugin still works. Because your Google Analytics plugin by Yoast is active, your AMP pages will also be tracked.
WordPress koppelen met Google Analytics.
We nemen hieronder met je door. Google Analytics by Yoast. Yoast, bekend van Yoast SEO, heeft een speciale plugin ontwikkeld voor Google Analytics. Zodra je de plugin installeert en activeert, vind je deze links in het menu terug onder Analytics.
Tracking your SEO with Google Analytics: a how-to Yoast.
Home SEO blog Analytics Tracking your SEO with Google Analytics: a how-to. Annelieke van den Berg leads the Research Department at Yoast. She has her Master's' degree in Sociology and focuses on all things related to data. Read all about Annelieke.
Topic: How to add Google Analytics tracking code?
Im trying to figure out how to add my google analytics tracking code to Yoast after switching from All in one SEO, which had a field for this. Ive added the google authorization for the search console per the Yoast setup wizard and instructions.
Google Analytics Plugins voor Wordpress Top 5 Lijst!
Google Analytics by Yoast. Met deze plugin schakel je de basiskoppeling tussen Google Analytics en je WordPress website in. Mocht je gebruik maken van Universal Analytics dan is dit ook met één klik op de knop geregeld vanuit de instellingen met deze plugin.
Google Analytics plugin voor WordPress Webtalis.
Er zijn meerdere Google analytics plugins voor WordPress te vinden. Indien ik het niet handmatig toevoeg, maar ik zelf altijd al jaren gebruik van de plugin Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights overgenomen van Yoast. De plugin wordt op het moment van schrijven al door meer dan 1 miljoen website actief gebruikt.

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